BLack cane spirit (40 °G.L.): Cane spirit from 100% fresh black sugarcane juice.

Yellow cane spirit (40 °G.L.): Cane spirit from100% fresh yellow sugarcane juice

The Aselvado (40 °G.L.): Cane spirit from 100% fresh sugarcane juice. We mix yellow cane juice (50%) and black cane juice (50%) in the fermentation process.

The company Amazonian Spirits was born from the idea of ​​Karlos Cussianovich who realizes that one of the ways in which the producer goes ahead is forming part of the company, transforming its raw material into products with added value, that is, not only sell their raw material but involve the producer throughout the chain. This is how the company is formed with three partners: Victor Amaringo, Hernan Pacheco and Karlos Cussianovich. We decided to start by giving value to sugarcane in the production of cane spirit, highlighting the variety of cane from which the spirit comes. 

Hernan and Victor have dedicated a great part of their lives to the cultivation of sugarcane and Karlos is an engineer in food industries, specialist in alcoholic fermentation and spirits, in this way the team controls the quality from the field to the final product